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LG's stupid smart tv's

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4 minutes ago, BestBurritoSeller said:

Thanks anyways man, just infuriating that steam makes the tools but LG just don't care

If ever there were a time to seek out a cheap dell pre Built on your local craigslist for steam in home streaming it would be now. Just make sure it’s at least a core 2 duo because pentium D or Pentium 4 systems are always flooding the market and are just to old for most modern applications like steam in home streaming. Honestly it should be possible to track one down for 10$ or less as businesses and people are constantly getting rid of them. Anyone asking more than 25$  for one is out to lunch!!!!

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What about the $5 steam link (that nobody seems to use anymore)? Would that actually serve the purpose you are seeking? I'm sure it would be more reliable than a poorly supported/coded TV app. I think? I haven't touched my steam link in many years.

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