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Streaming OBS to LAN

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I'm trying to host a CS:GO tournament at my school, and i am trying to stream the broadcast to a PC which will go to a projector. i would simply connect my PC to the projector with a HDMI port gladly. however i've set up replays, and UI features into OBS that i want to include in the broadcast. does OBS support a feature like this? there was a similar question to this on the LTT forum and a lot of people questioned why one would want to do it. preferably i'd use twitch and just make the second computer simply watch it. but with the internet speed being slower than grass growing, it isn't a reliable solution.

Thx for your time.   

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You can install your own streaming server

See Red5 (open source)  https://www.red5pro.com/red5-media-server/

See others here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_streaming_media_systems


The server creates that url which you can enter in OBS and then OBS uploads the stream to your streaming server and the streaming server sends the stream to anyone watching.

You can then either give the link to anyone interested (and they can use VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema or other players to watch the stream) or you can make a basic html with a free html5 video player to stream the video)


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I've done something similar to this before.

You can use OBS-NDI to stream from the PC your playing on to the one that needs to encode/display it.

This can be done over the local network, it also saves resources on the PC that is playing the game as it doesn't have to compress it as much (if you can push it through a 1Gbit RJ45 cable).


EposVox has a great video tutorial for this!

When the PC is acting up haunted,

who ya gonna call?
"Monotone voice" : A local computer store.

*Terrible joke I know*


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