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BIOS Rootkit ( RAT ).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, i'm curious about BIOS Rootkit, so here's some main questions i have:

1) Can average person with basic knowledge about computers get and flash BIOS rootkit on his own PC/Laptop or some experienced "hacker" is needed to prepare the files?

2) If BIOS Rootkit is installed lets say in B450 mobo or some other newer/latest mobo, does it ruin the whole BIOS for example can you still overclock and do all the stuff normally?

3) How hard is to get rid of it?

Probs some of you is wondering why on earth someone would want to install RAT on his own PC/Laptop.. It's simply for overall security purposes, BIOS rootkit would work as a free invisible GPS also good for other "stuff".

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