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Fusion 360 extruding piece of plastic I can't remove..

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So hey guys,


I recently got into trying to 3D printing and all that good stuff. 

Was working on a simple project (tweezers) yesterday to learn the options and get a feel for Fusion 360, which is my application of choice at the moment. 


There's one thing that's really bothering me though and I there doesn't seem to be a problem a lot of people have because can't even find a google search on the bloody topic.


The end of the tweezers has some excess material that i cant get rid of... any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


I've attached a picture of the issue below because this blob of text didn't really describe it properly :(


BTW I've tried using the trim tool, but i don't think that's working for this, gives an error at the bottom of the page that there is nothing to trim.







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