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RAM Speed doesn't change in windows 10

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i have overclocked my RAM to a stable 3200mhz and my windows is only going to a maximum of 1600mhz does someone know a fix about the problem? plz let me know (with overclocked i meant a profile)


pc specs:

CPU: amd ryzen 7 2700X

motherboard: asus tuf b450-plus gaming

GPU: MSI ventus rtx 2060 OC

RAM: adata spectrix d80 3200mhz black 2*8GB

PSU: gamdias kratos p1 650G (650 watt) 80 plus gold

Storage:  240GB SSD      2TB seagate barracuda      500GB seagate laptop HDD

case: sharkoon tg4 red

case fans: corsair HD120

extra: corsair commander pro

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Where do you get the 1600MHz reading from? Actual RAM speed will be doubled from what you will see in CPU-Z, for example, hence the name DDR - "Double Data Rate", meaning it's effectively running at 3200MHz.

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Laptop:  Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2018 (i5-8259U | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD)

Peripherals: Steelseries Rival 600 & Logitech MX Master 3 | CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate (Cherry MX Blue) | BenQ BL2420PT | Sennheiser Game One





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5 minutes ago, JochemNL said:

i got it from task manager cpu-z aida64 and corsair icue space

Task Manager should report 3200Mhz because it gives you the effective speed but if you're seeing 1600Mhz in CPU-Z then it means it's running correctly, DDR is Double Data Rate, so 1600x2=3200Mhz

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Just now, boggy77 said:

yeah they all show half because that's how it's reported. but it works at 3200

Task Manager shows the effective speed for me and has been for multiple systems, so I'm not sure why it's showing 1600mhz for him but either way CPU-Z or AIDA64 would be the reading to trust.

Quote or Tag people so they know that you've replied, otherwise you'd just be talking to yourself.

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!600Mhz DDR4 doesn't exist anyway so its safe to assume what you're seeing is 1600Mhz x 2 because its Double Data Rate.

Main Rig:-

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It would also be a matter of updating the software, both FW and the operating system, and see if this is how the Task Manager finally reads it correctly (if it does not bother you then we're cool!).

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