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Markus L.

Looking for Media Tablet recommendations

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So... suppose I have a huge library of perfectly legal movies that I want to store and watch on the go - what's your recommendation for reasonably affordable (ideally sub 300$, up to 400 would still be acceptable) tablets that would be suited for this job?


Requirements include:

 - High storage capacity (or extendability, the tablet + SD or Micro-SD would have to hold at least 500 GB, ideally up to 1 TB)

 - A decent screen (10 inches optimum, though anything between 8 and 13 would be tolerable. Nice colors, deep blacks. Resolution over 1080p isn't necessary because movies that definitely weren't acquired through shady means rarely come above 1080p anyways)

 - A Headphone Jack

 - an OS that supports easy file transfer from my PC via USB (basically anything that isn't iOS)


I don't really care when it comes to doing anything else besides browsing and media consumption - I have my PC for that. The screen is what counts, it's just that I've never had a tablet and all my phones have pretty cheap screens, so I have a hard time judging the specs for better screens on mobile devices.


Thanks in advance for any tips, have yourself a nice day.

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Any 10 inch tablet that’s under $300 is pretty bad at media consumption. The base iPad barely has space but you can connect a usb drive to it to transfer files, which makes it a prime candidate for media consumption.

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Samsung Tab S5e.
Amoled Display + very very good stereo speakers = Win for Media consumption.

No Headphone Jack tho.. But you can just use a Dongle.


Cheaper alternative: Samsung Tab A 10.5 - should be also with Stereo Speakers. But only IPS Panel.



I would like to recommend the iPad, because iPadOS > Android for Tablets.
But you will have just an IPS Screen. A good one, but still not Oled.
Also, no Stereo Speakers.
And 4:3 aspect ratio.


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The Tab A 2019 10" is basically your only choice with that budget and headphone jack requirement.


Or look for a used Tab S4 if you insist on an old screen


Correction: actually the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus is also an option. It has a more powerful chipset and more RAM. The downside is that it runs MIUI.

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