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Eric Kazer

Don't buy shitty Chinese card readers!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The USB 2 port broke off when I plugged in my keyboard dongle. I don't remember who made it, but I couldn't even mount it inside the computer without it falling apart. Also the USB port was very loose and sagging until it broke off and got stuck in the dongle. Cheap shit from China sucks. Could have blew out a PSU or a Motherboard in my Z220 HP PC. I had a HP one that I installed to replace it. If possible a HP card reader is a good option. It won't fall apart. Port stay aligned and it works reliably. Note how the only mounting of the board is done at the back. USB port did not lift any traces, it just broke off. It was also mounted by the back with nothing securing it to the board in the front of it. It's grounding pads are on the back of the port. Very poorly made. Dangerous if it shorts it 5 volt power to ground or to Data High Or Low. Can damage main board even burning traces if it shorts which is likely with that design.


I hope that I can give the public an idea of how bad some of the stuff sold today really is that more than likely comes from China. There is no branding on this device.






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Cheap shit from anywhere sucks.


When there is no danger of failure there is no pleasure in success.

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Except the usage of electrical tape instead of a rubber grommet it looks just like the one I took apart to mod it. Yes there are usb connector which are horrible mechanical design (for example the one the lexmark usb stick) but this card reader doesn't have those. It is just a normal USB connector. Also the GL826 isn't bad.


If it blows your PSU then it blows for good. USB is protected against over current (except ones like the internal usb ports on dell latitude notebooks).

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There are many cheap, low-quality parts from China, but then again, 80-90% of PC parts are made there.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Not quite satisfied with that one. Yes that HP is too. But the HP is put together well (mechanically anyway) Connectors won't break off from repetitive plugging and unplugging. It's just getting harder to trust anything today. Yes electric tape looks bad. No grommet for it at time. Oh well. Shotty product, shotty solution.

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