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Eric Kazer

Testing Storage speeds on my HP Z220

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Drive C is My SSD Model SU850

Drive E is my SS HDD Seagate 2 TB SS HDD

Drive H is a 16 GB SD Card connected through USB 2.0 via card reader


Below Are the snap shots using Crystal Disk Speed Test. Drive are in order.





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Posted · Original PosterOP

Note that SD card has better performance in Random Reads and Writes even over USB 2.0. SSD out performs both. Just figured I would give a test to SATA storage limit.


550 MBPS is around the limit of SATA. Using a SSD will make a system load faster even over a SATA interface. Also write to drive faster.


I wonder if I can Crystal Disk Speed test my Pioneer Blu-Ray drive. Give a idea of how far we have come. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My Pioneer Blu-ray drive was writing at about 5.5 Mbps when I wrote my SNES9x folder to it. This should give a estimate of Random writes to it. Ya it's a pretty fast optical drive. Don't know on CD's or Blu-rays. The file size was 894 MB. That's respectable. About expected.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


The Pioneer BDRW read back peeking at around 8 MBPS with a DVD+RW. So, that is what can be expected from a Optical drive. Most of the time it read around 5.5 MBPS.

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The SATA standard says the following:

Name: SATA 3.0    

Raw data rate: 6 Gbit/s 

Data rate: 600 MB/s


However, I have not seen an SSD that reaches 600 MB/s. It also depends on the type of media that is used and the data that is written since each will have a designated transfer rate:

1X speed

CD: 0.15 MiB/s

DVD: 1.32 MiB/s

Blu-ray Disc: 4.29 MiB/s


I think the cap is 50x but then again, everything will depend on the data that is being written.

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