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Clearly bootable hdd gets recognized by laptop but dosnt boot.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm working on my girlfriends laptop her windows installation seemed broken after the baterie ran out midway through an update. It wa just stuck in a loop of self repair shit. 


So I backed her data up and tried a clean install. First problem i couldn't figure out how to get the boot manager so i had too change the actual boot order I'm the uefi wich lead (at least I think it did) to the install always failing after I got fed up with trying I just installed windows on her hdd on a different laptop.


So when I but her hdd now graced with a fresh windows installation back into her pc. The laptop didnt boot. I went into the uefi and went to the boot order tab. And sure enough the hdd was there detected in first place. I than put the windows install USB stick into it and tried to run one of the trouble shooting programs but it too seemed to not see the hdd as a bootable device and said I had to insert a hdd with windows on it.


I later found the option to enable the "select one time boot medium" menu.


So I might be able to install now. 


BUT that can't be the solution right ???

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Possibly the windows install didn't install in UEFI mode, it may be in Legacy mode, maybe try turning secure boot off and enabling legacy boot

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