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My First Ever PC Build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I decided to document my first pc build ever, after getting it fully assembled I went to turn it on and got absolutely nothing, no led's no fans spinnings. So I had to go into troubleshooting mode and all together probably spent 20 hours on building/troubleshooting/watching videos/and posting on forums. I couldn't figure it out so I had my dad come over, who's a master electrician to take a took at it and he spotted the problem in 2 seconds. I had only 14 pins of my 24 pin connector plugged in on my power supply side, while the 10 pin connector was just hanging there...won't make that mistake again. All together I spent just over $1400 before tax. I'm really happy with how it turned out and even though it was a pain in the ass, learning how to troubleshoot will be valuable in the future. Thanks to the people on the troubleshooting thread that helped me out.


I also made a video out of it: 




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Posted · Original PosterOP
29 minutes ago, JaradC said:

Wow this is actually a really nice build considering an RTX, and a Ryzen 7.

How does it hold up?

Really good so far. I've gotten so used to my 2012 MacBook Air that this PC feels like lightning. I'm mostly going to play shooters and br's. On fortnite with low settings I get about 450-500fps. and on epic settings its still around 180-200fps with no overclocking

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