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Windows 10 got weird(?) after accidental hitting my pc

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So to start from beginning i accidently hit my PC with leg a few days ago, it wasn't hard but caused system freeze and now it is getting worse and i dunno how to deal with some of the problems

First of all my motherboards audio inputs are not detecting my speakers (MSI Z370 Gaming Plus) - i tried reinstalling realtek drivers but still audio manager only detects my headphones. 

Second my PC switched name to   Desktop-3423523... from usually used name. I noticed it today and tried to switch the name to one i usually use and after restarting - system created different local account which is not visible in my any control panel.
When i wanted to use my backup copy from few days i realized there is no copy ;/ they got deleted from small HDD that was meant for backup :(

Anyone knows how can i fix those changes without reinstalling windows? I had it setup so that it logons automatically as i am the only person that uses this PC  and now it picks the second account to log on and always give's me the same message - wrong user.

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Are you using a mechanical HDD or an SSD? If it's an HDD, the disk might have been nicked or scratched if it was seeking during the bump.


Do you have any System Restore points you can roll back to?

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