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Body cameras

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Due to a recent incident at work (i deliver flowers.. dangerous occupation) I've finally decided to get myself a decent body camera.

I'm looking for something with a long battery life and decent video quality, preferably with some form of remote. Some form of g-shock automatic recording would also be nice.. Clunkiness doesn't really bother me but the lighter the better.

The Marantz PMD901V looks like a solid camera but the price tag around 350€ is perhaps as high as I'd like to go. 100-200€ would be easier to swallow but I'm after something reliable instead of chinesium stuff.


Here's a few makes and models I've seen mentioned but know nothing about:

  • Axom Body v2/3
  • Marantz PMD901V
  • Boblov 1296p
  • Guardian G1
  • Watchguard vista
  • Panasonic arbitrator bwc
  • Vievu le5 by safariland group

Any help is much appriciated..

I specifically stopped driving taxi due to this crap.. feel free to suggest anything above the 350 cap if its that much better.


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I got this one: https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/Mobile-Products/Portable-Products/Body-Camera-Series/DS-MH2311/

Please Note there are many information about that who are not Online.

2 hours ago, Sealance said:

to get myself a decent body camera.

Well I can recommend the Hikevision if you keep some thinks in mind.

2 hours ago, Sealance said:

Some form of g-shock automatic recording would also be nice..

The Hikevision dont have that.


Please Note there are 3x different Types on the Marked:
1) The Toy one Like: https://de.transcend-info.com/product/bodycam#376

2) The Business one like: https://hytera.co.uk/bodycam

3) The one for Government like the Axon.


Another Problem is getting the Software to use the Bodycam.

If you choose a "Government" one you maybe not get a Software.

From AT. :x

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