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Headset & mic w/ 3.5mm to usb

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello. I have a Hyper X Cloud 2. Its a headset and mic with a 3.5mm connected to what it looks like to be a usb sound card. 


I'm trying to use the headset with a y splitter cable, and plug it in a separate mic, and headphone jack in my pc


Sound seems good, mic seems to be working on recording the sounds I hear.


But mic does not work in game/discord, etc. I've played with the settings a little, no luck. Am I missing something? I cannot find a solution, anyone know?

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12 minutes ago, SlowEJ8 said:

mic seems to be working on recording the sounds I hear.

So if I get it correctly, you have already had success recording audio on your PC?


Take a look at the privacy settings, whether you allowed Discord/ the other games in question to use your mic.


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before i switched to my new logitech headset i was using Cloud 2's with a splitter, so i know that it works. Try changing default mic output in windows and in discord, also check if you disabled microphone in windows 10 settings

Settings>Privacy>Microphone and then at the bottom discord should be there under the "desktop apps" category

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I reinstalled windows on my pc. Initially the headphones worked, now the mic works and headphone doesn't work. 

All the apps are allowed to use the mic.


Specs are windows 10 Enterprise, sound blaster ae5, and hyper x cloud 2.


The HD audio front jack is plugged directly into the sound card. Front panel jack headphone works, mic does not. Sound card at rear headphone/mic jack doesn't work at all.

Says device is not detected?


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