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Wobbly fan

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi I have a plastic wobble fan i need fix it because if it wobbles it gets stuck on my pc cause and I all ready cleaned it so I seeing if I can get help with this the fan is a model:EZF12025       DC 12V 0.20A that what it says on sticker  and I know the fan is working    It’s a cpu fan

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Just now, Robby3D said:

The rotation part


that probably means either your bearing inside is broken or the fanblades themselves are not fastened against the shaft properly. 

if you pull on the hub part of the fanblades, does it come loose easily?

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5 minutes ago, Robby3D said:

Will I have replace the fan?

well, i really cannot be sure unless you get it out of the case, but i think it might be wise to replace it anyway. 

even if you take it out, repairing it properly without imbalancing the rotor is pretty difficult, and if you repair it with an imbalance, it will start vibrating and eventually break again.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Dang ok than I’m going look for a sample way to Rome the fan and the sewers is facing inside so I will like have take aport my pc

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