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No signal to monitor

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Si my friend just ordered a bunch of new parts for his PC. He upgraded the PSU mobo and CPU. He has an r9 200, ryzen 3 1200 and gigabyte a320m-s2h mobo. He says he has everything connected correctly but he is getting a no signal. The mobo clearly has power because the heatsink turns on, all of his fans spin, his Hard drive spins. Everything seems to be okay, but nothing shows up on the monitor. He says his friend looked at everything and it was all connected correctly. 


What can I do to help him get something to display on his screen? Thanks guys.

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It could be a bunch of things.  Drivers, bios, bad parts, etc..

One low cost low effort check is doable though.  Sometimes when things are newly put together something looks right but isn’t actually seated correctly.  Perhaps turn everything off, unplug the power and reseat everything again.  This may already have been done of course. 

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