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Upgrading GPU on an older motherboard

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I'm currently running an AMD Radeon R7 200 GPU on a Gigabyte H97M-D3H on a rig I built a few years ago. I've started to notice a decrease in performance on my primary Steam game, Ark Survival Evolved. Even running on Medium graphic settings, I'm only getting 14 to 24 fps. I've started looking into upgrading my GPU and possibly my monitor as well (I'm using an 21.5" Acer S211ML monitor). I was thinking about going with a GTX970 GPU but was hoping to get some suggestions on the best GPU I could get for under $200. Money is in short supply atm :)

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What CPU you have will have more of an impact on what GPUs you can install.


I'd look at the GTX 980 as well.

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RX 570 is 100-120$ ... used can be as low as 75$

RX 580 is maybe 10-20$ more.


Keep in mind that modern video cards no longer output vga (analogue) signal so you can't use cheap dvi->vga adapters and if your monitor has only vga, you'll only be able to use it with a hdmi/displayport->vga converter.

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