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Are these chargers interchangeable?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone! 
I have a HP Chromebook X2 and a HP Spectre x360 laptop and I would like to know if can use any of the chargers on each device independently of the charging speed. I just don't want to damage them. Both have USB C connectors. 

These are the specifications for both chargers:

--- means a solid line above a dashed line

Chromebook charger output: 5V --- 3A, 9V --- 3A, 12V --- 3A, 15V --- 3A.

Laptop charger output: 5V --- 3A, 9V --- 3A, 10V --- 5A, 12V --- 5A, 15V --- 5A, 20V --- 4.5A

Thank you!

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means DC power. 

as long as the voltages are you same, you should choose the power supply with the higher amperage. 
voltage must match, but if a power supply can give more amperage the device will only pull as much as it needs, no more. 


so a 5V 3Amp charger will be fine for a 5V 2 amp device. the device will only pull 2 amps. 


the laptop charger should work on the chromebook, but i'd be worried about the chromebook accidentally tapping into that 20V rail. 
probably fine though. 

I don't have much experience trying variable voltage chargers though. 

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