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   I am looking for a main gaming monitor to complement my Samsung U27H750[it is a 4k 60 hz, Qled, quantum dot, 28 inch monitor]. I am looking at the price range of about 1800 to 2000 dollars, although I would love to save money. My top contender is the pg35vq, or the predator x35. There is also the decision of whether to get a 100Hz ultra wide, and a 240Hz monitor on the other side, it would be cheaper. I am not a serious esports gamer, so I do not need super fast response times, and refresh rates. I am more into HDR and higher res, although 4k gaming does not appeal to me. My current rig is a 3700x[ which I am upgrading to the 12 core variant, or 16 I am not sure; and, the 2080ti, I am going to get a 30 series 350 dollar card to power the monitor(s) that I am not gaming on. I do need extra money so again I would love to save money. I do not mind refurbished. And I would like an ultra wide over a standard 16 by 9

       Which monitor should I get?

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