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How can I swap from intel to amd?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've never swapped just a mobo/cpu before, ive only built new systems? Do I reset everything, if so how?


I have 3 hhds and an ssd (OS) do I have to reset all of them?

if I do, how do I do it all in one go (if I can)

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if you dont have a raid setup and dont change hardware that often on a single windows license, you should be able to just swap your new hardware in i believe

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Link the license to your microsoft account, (no there is no other f* way, thanks microbullsh* … ask me how i know), wipe the original installation ssd and reinstall windows after swapping the hardware.

If the hdds dont have system partitions on it and aren't in raid, just unplug them



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