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Kegorator water cooling

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I just watched the whole room water cooling vid, and i wondered, why not run the water through piping into a small fridge like a kegorator,  in the fridge run a coil of copper and since your in a fridge, u could have the copper surrounded by ice or cold packs or us a raditor in the fridge, ( i would run raditor before the fridge, then 1 in the fridge)


Or even a water cooler stand, use the water cooler raditor, run the pc cooling system water through the water cooler freezing cold water all day then back into the pc


Sorry posted in wrong section

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A refrigerator is just a heat pump; it removes heat from inside the fridge and dumps it outside the fridge. Thus running a water cooling loop through it doesn't actually remove heat from the room. In fact, because the fridge isn't 100% efficient it produces more heat and the room would end up even hotter than before.


Cooling is all about moving heat around. There is no such thing as eliminating heat energy, just moving somewhere else, such as outside which was the goal with whole room water cooling.

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