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Posted · Original PosterOP

Changed my case for a white inwin 101, got rid of the rgb fans. I've added white led strips and going to add accents of orange


Question is, has anyone took apart a Silverstone tundra? 


Could I change the led in it?

The blue one doesn't look right.


Oh and any ideas for the aio tubes that doesn't cost silly money for the cable mod sleeves. 


I'll add a pic but it's not finished yet. Some graphics to the case needed along with modding the back plate of the graphics card. Oh and a little bit of work on the cables. 




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16 hours ago, Marbo said:


What version of the Tundra do you have, some of the older versions you cna unbolt the top cover which should give you access to the LED cover portion. From there assuming the LED's are just blue you can see about swapping them out with a white LED strip or replacing the LED's themselves if you are comfortable with soldering.


For the tubing slevees would be the easiest you can purchase wrap around sleeving similar to what premade solutions use, only thing you will need to figure out is the length and the ends as you don't have caps to secure them.


Image result for wrap sleeving white

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the reply


It's the TD02. I'm happy using a soldering iron. I was hoping someone had taken one apart before. Didn't want to open it up in case it broke the seal on the pump, then having to refill it. So I can get to the Led without dismantling the whole pump? 


That sleeving looks good. I'll have to find some in the UK. 

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