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Way to automatically sort emails

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I just went thrrough and deleted about 3000 emails. Googles automatic sorting did help a bit in this endeavor, but I would like more automation. Can I use outlook or a unraid plugin to do a set of things. 


1. Receipts automatically get placed into a folder on my nas as a PDF. (it's runs unraid) (and this is what I want to do most)

2. delete promotional emails. Pretty much anything that comes from twitter, Youtube, and whatnot. 

3. add diffrent categories. Stuff from certain senders (mainly colleges and scolarships) get automatically placed into folders. 

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Most of these can be done with basic filtering.


1. Depends on are all those following same characteristic. Like all have attachements, all have certain key words. I use Thunderbird as local client and it doesn't have basic option to print emails on filtering. Or save attachments. Though those could be done in some addon or something.


2. & 3. Basic filtering where you set senders or keywords. And actions when those rules are met.


Gmail's automatic thingy is based on keywords and stuff like that. They have the data mining system to improve it constantly. So if you use local client, you have to do it yourself. Unless your client has addons that have that functionality.

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