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Boot drive removing itself from boot order

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I put the drive back in the boot order list... but this was such a strange thing that happened, I dont know how it could have happened. I thought my NVMe SSD failed because after a reboot, i was prompted with missing boot media. I looked in the bios and saw that my drive was removed from the list completely. I assure you I absolutely did not go into the bios and change this myself, nor did anyone else as I was here at my PC the whole time, so what I am wondering is what outside the bios can alter the boot order to the point that my boot drive is removed from the list? has anyone had this happen as well? any ideas what could possibly have caused this weirdness? It really freaked me out thinking my boot drive died, and freaks me out further because I just have no freakin idea HOW it could even happen with no one touching the bios. Someone smart please educate me and set my mind at ease before I start lighting candles and making offerings to the ghost in the machine to appease it.

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