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Computer crashed and doesnt boot up

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Long story short i overclocked my ryzen 5 2600x to 4.0ghz @1.4V and it was stable for 30 mins and while i was still sressting the cpu the pc crashed the screen turned yellow and it made buzzing sound and i dont know if it came from the speakers or the motherboard. Is there a fix for this?

Could it be a faulty part?


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Yeah doesn't sound very pleasing. Have you tried resetting the CMOS yet? 

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6 minutes ago, DESTROYER 123503 said:

I have resetted the cmos battery and it does not boot up. It says windows cannot boot.

Resetting the BIOS may have changed settings Windows was installed with. Check the BIOS to ensure all the settings are appropriate. I would suggest specifically looking at your storage access mode settings.

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23 minutes ago, DESTROYER 123503 said:

I have not reset the bios and i checked that all of the settings are appropriate.

Apologies for the misunderstanding. Did you mean you removed the CMOS battery or set a jumper/switch while the PSU was on? Usually removing the CMOS battery, unplugging the computer, and pressing the power button for a few seconds tends to reset the BIOS settings.


Do you have a Windows USB to attempt troubleshooting, or access to a computer and USB to make one?


What messages or behaviors appear while attempting to boot?

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