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Switch type for IP cameras?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm going to be installing 5 cameras around my home to use with the Synology Surveillance Station but I'm not sure what type of PoE switch to get. From the attachment this is how I would like it set up. I have everything in that image connected except PoE switch and cameras. PC2 is currently connected (wired) to the Wifi router. Would a regular PoE switch work for the IP cameras without having bandwidth issues or do I need a managed PoE switch?


If I do need a managed switch I was looking into the Netgear GS110TPP. Any other recommendations?


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It will depend on what standard of PoE your cameras are using, can you link them? 



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Posted · Original PosterOP

The standard is PoE 802.3af. I think most PoE switches can work but I'm more concerned about the bandwidth. I've read that IP cams should be placed on a VLAN in a managed switch.

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1 hour ago, DigitalPixel said:

The standard is PoE 802.3af. I think most PoE switches can work but I'm more concerned about the bandwidth. I've read that IP cams should be placed on a VLAN in a managed switch.

That depends how concerned you are about security and preventing hacking. Bandwidth wise IP cameras are usually pretty compressed couple MB/s in the worse of case usually 1~1.5MB or less. They won't eat all the bandwidth on your network if that is your concern.

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Managed switches don't inherently have more bandwidth than unmanaged. With that said, if you are really concerned about it, go with an enterprise switch, they generally have beefier cpu's that can handle higher throughput. In the end though, check reviews from sites like www.servethehome.com. His tests are well done and trustworthy. 

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Recommendation, this will be overkill. Do not expose the cameras to the internet. Get a PC or "server" and connect the cameras to the PC. Then create a VPN for yourself to connect to monitor any activity.




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