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Sumit  chauhan

Premiere pro is not utilising gpu

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hlo Linus

I HV a custom build desktop. Actually when I am rendering video Gpu is not utilising it remains under 2-3%usage in 1080p timeline it takes 1 hours or above plzz  tell me wht  can I do here my Pc configuration


Ryzen  7 2700x

Gtx  1660 super.

Gigabyte x470  aorus  ultra gaming

Corsair vengeance lpx  2×8 ddr4  3000mhz

Samsung 860 pro me. 2 240gb

1tb w. D blue hard disk

Corsair 650w power supply




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Make sure that your GPU is enabled in the settings of Premiere Pro. You should see an option to use a CUDA device or something similar to that.


Intel Core i7 6700K | AMD Radeon R9 390X | 16 GB RAM

Mobile Workstation:

MacBook Pro 15" (2017) | Intel Core i7 7820HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 560 | 16 GB RAM

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Looks like it's rendering on your CPU.

You probably have to turn on Cuda in GPU acceleration.


I apologize for the way I am. If my post seemed rude, that was not my intention. Just my ineptness in forming a nice coherent message.

"those times will never come back :("

"I wish I could find a way to end the pain, other than the way I keep thinking of"

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17 hours ago, Sumit chauhan said:

Any other solution guys

It states the following on Adobe's website:


"A GPU does not necessarily speed up all exporting processes. However, if GPU-accelerated effects are applied and certain export processes affected by the Mercury Playback Engine (scaling, frame rate changes, etc.) are enabled, then the GPU does play a role in exporting.

Ensure that GPU acceleration is enabled in both Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.

In Premiere Pro, choose File > Project Settings > General and check in the Video Rendering and Playback options. Under Renderer, choose the GPU acceleration method appropriate to your GPU, usually CUDA or OpenCL. Metal is an alternative to these, but more effects are currently GPU enabled under the other two options. You may need to choose "Software Only" if your GPU is simply too underpowered, or if your GPU is powerful enough, you need to revisit Solutions 1 and 2.


In Media Encoder, you can enable the GPU in a menu in the bottom of the "Queue" panel."


If you are not using any GPU accelerated effects or if your GPU is not supported or is not correctly set up then you might not see GPU utilization when rendering in Premiere Pro.


Intel Core i7 6700K | AMD Radeon R9 390X | 16 GB RAM

Mobile Workstation:

MacBook Pro 15" (2017) | Intel Core i7 7820HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 560 | 16 GB RAM

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Normal to me...

It won't use all 100% of a GPU for these tasks.


My CPU is pegged 100% but my GPU is variable (for whatever task its doing) 0-20ish%

I see my GPU temp rise and fall.. but minimal usages too.. still much faster than CPU only.


PremierePro +GPU.... only does specific tasks..



It also gets stated at times in various videos that giving PremierePro a 2080 over a 1060 doesn't provide the gains you think it will...

It doesn't scale well on powerful GPUs either coming from a midrange one...

Maximums - Asus Z97-K /w i5 4690 Bclk @106.9Mhz * x39 = 4.17Ghz, 8GB of 2600Mhz DDR3,.. Gigabyte GTX970 G1-Gaming @ 1550Mhz


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It could be related to:

1. Graphics card and graphics driver don't meet the requirements of Premiere Pro

Whether a frame can be processed by Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration depends on the size of the frame and the amount of RAM on the graphics card (VRAM). Adobe officially claims that it requires a GPU of 2GB VRAM at least, and it is better to have 4GB VRAM. As for graphics card, if it’s too old, it may not support Premiere Pro any more. For instance, Premiere Pro CC 2019 uses CUDA 9.2 are not supported in the NVIDIA driver from 2017.

2. The Graphics card hasn't been detected by Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is set to enable built-in CPU acceleration. You need to activate GPU acceleration manually. Before you choose Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration, Premiere Pro will detect and recognize the GPU on your computer. Once it fails, there are no chances to enable GPU acceleration.

3. The GPU does not speed up all processes.

GPU acceleration works in real-time preview and export rendering, which means it won't speed up video processing from the very beginning to the end. So if you see that GPU usage is lower, don't worry, it is just the proper rest time.


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In the last few updates of Premiere it has used the GPU less and less.  It really hasn't done much of anything for rendering since about 2018. Many tech reviewers have been commenting on it for a while that GPU plays little part in Premiere anymore. Adobe has gotten a lot better about utilizing multiple CPU cores and slacked off on GPU, it's annoying.  

All that said, 1 hour to export with a 2700X seems excessive. My workstation is a 2700x with a Vega 56 and my GPU utilization is rarely more than 5-10% in spikes on export, but I render out 4k 10 minute videos in about 15-20 minutes. What footage are you editing?  What are you encoding to? and What are your Export settings? Also what is your edit looking like?  The little snippet I can see looks like it has like 3 or 4 adjustment layers stacked, that could be bogging things down.  I've never done that to test it, but seems excessive. 


Have you allowed Premiere to utilize the maximum amount of your system RAM?  I have 32GBs in my PC and Premiere regularly uses 19-30GB when exporting.  To the point that my next build will be getting 64GB to give more head room.


Ryzen 7 2700X , Gigabyte AX370-Gaming-K5, EKWB Monoblock, AMD Vega 56, Barrow GPU block, g.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB PC2800, Dual Alphacool Pump/Res Combos, Dual EKWB SE360 Radiators, Corsair RM750x PSU. All in a Thermaltake Tower 900 case.

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