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Get 5.1 sorround sound from PS4 Slim, using analog 5.1 PC audio System.

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I'm trying to figure out how to get 5.1 sorround from PS4 slim, using my old analog 5.1 PC audio system. PS4 slim has not optical output, but my TV has it.


So I got two ways to do this: First, HDMI audio extractor with 3 audio jacks outputs(3.5mm). Second, another device that converts spdif optical audio from my TV to 3 audio jacks outputs. Some people says that this devices crate a "fake 5.1" effect, not a real 5.1 sorround sound. I never used any of this devices before, and they cost at least 20 dolars, and even more expensive on my country (Chile).

Can anyone tell me how those things work to make sure what to buy to get real sorround from PS4, please? 


I know it is not a PC thing, but you description says "Tech can be complicated; we try to make it easy."

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 1/7/2020 at 10:12 PM, Mira Yurizaki said:

HDMI would give you the best chances of having 5.1 surround over analog since HDMI supports 5.1 uncompressed PCM, whereas S/PDIF does not. Surround sound over S/PDIF has to be done using something like Dolby or DTS encoding.

What about I get an HDMI audio extractor. It does a real 5.1? or a fake one, with some effects that makes the rear speakers simule a sorround? 

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