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Guesses on how much the 3060 will cost in december?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Does anybody have any idea on how Much the 3060 will cost in december this year, as that is when i will stop saving a make my build.

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You are asking information about a card that is not even released to public (nor even confirmed) AND on top of that you are asking for its price 11 months from now?  You better go see a psychic because no one else can help you with that question.

y'all need to poop more often.

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Depends on the performance of the card and the performance of that cards out at the moment.

The card will simply be 'slotted' into the GPU stack at the time of release. So if it performs between a 300 and 400 USD care, it will cost 350 USD for example.


But ask us again in 10/11 months to know for sure.

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there is one way to figure out the cost.

step 1. buy a bible (or any other book related to said religion you decide to follow)

step 2. lay in your bed

step 3. start praying

Anything i've written between the * and * is not meant to be taken seriously.

keep in mind that helping with problems is hard if you aren't specific and detailed.


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It's hard to say as it depends on too many variables including which market segment your talking about.  AMD has a pretty good line up for low to mid-ranged GPUs so that should hold Nvidia's pricing in check on the lower even 3060s but as for the top end, it all depends if AMD can offer up a competitive product. 


Also, to be honest, I am not sure the market can sustain GPU pricing much higher than it is now.  I mean you don't go a day without someone griping about how overpriced GPUs are, myself included so we have reached the point of pain or to put it another way, the point where it is just painful to open our wallets to buy a new GPU.  If they go up in price much more, I think people will just end up trying stretch the lifespan of their existing GPUs as long as possible which will put a dent in sales. Also there is the simple fact that consoles are more popular with gaming and we are expecting some pretty massive improvements with them this year.  Finally, you have Stadia which is actually looking pretty good.  Combine all that and in 2020 you have a much less compelling reason to game on a PC.  That being the case, if GPU manufactures aren't careful, they will price themselves out of business. 

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7 hours ago, Felaneous said:

Does anybody have any idea on how Much the 3060 will cost in december this year, as that is when i will stop saving a make my build.

Knowing Nvidia I wouldn’t expect it’ll be cheaper than 2060 on release day, well most likely it’ll cost more than that. If you want to know for sure try contacting nvidia ceo , he may have some more info on that 😂 

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It will be over 9000 dollars so over your budget m8

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