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POLL: If you wanted to look up a video review online of a product, would you prefer a host with personality or without?

POLL: If you wanted to look up a video review online of a product, would you prefer a host with personality or without?  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. POLL: If you wanted to look up a video review online of a product, would you prefer a host with personality or without?

    • Yes - A funny/engaging host would make the video more interesting.
    • No - I would prefer the facts only and would rather the video focused solely on the product.

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Don't be meek and bland, but don't over do it.

It needs to be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


Join the nyalliance today, nya! ❤️

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, Caroline said:

This is how I like my videos:


short, 7 min max

clear stating of pros and cons

absolutely no ads or "this video sponsored by nord vpn" kind of bs

no puns or dumb jokes

Sounds like you despise LTT 😂

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If i actually give a shit about the product or want to actually buy it id prefer somebody who talks about it GamersNexus style, just not for 45 minutes.





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Depends on the charachter. I cant stand those YT Tryharts.

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10 hours ago, TheBritishVillain said:

Sounds like you despise LTT 😂

I like them but I'm not on youtube that much, I prefer plain text reviews rather than videos

I tend to reply with memes because I lack social skills and don't know how to express myself correctly.

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53 minutes ago, TheBritishVillain said:

Well the business idea itself can't be patented; it's just an idea. Plus I understand your reasoning behind "Well if no one has done it, there's a reason." but that same logic would mean no new successful channels would pop-up and grow on YouTube. There are millions of YouTube channels that are created every year and i'm not even exaggerating. In 2016 only 2,000 channels had over 1million subscribers, but that figure has almost increased to 20,000 in just a few years.


Furthermore, having that level of audience at 1million subscribers would be perfect, but I would be happy having just a fraction of that; This project at the moment is just a hobby and i'll still have my day job.


I believe in the idea very much and as long as the quality is good, the phrase 'first to market' definitely applies in this scenario. I just have to make sure I go in hard. It's hard to explain this further without revealing my plans. Nevertheless, competition is definitely a factor and I 100% would not do it if I found a SINGLE YouTube channel doing what I plan. I have found 2 'slightly similar' channels after spending over 100+ hours viewing different channels for research. One of them averages £2K per month (approx) in AdSense and the other one averages £5K (approx). Furthermore, I believe I can do a drastically better job than what they have posted so far.


It's a start-up grant for equipment costs (essentially). I know a YouTube Channel doesn't really constitute a business, but I highly disagree. I think if you brand it in a certain way, it can form a reputable business and that's my plan unlike my gaming YouTube stuff I made a couple years ago for fun and as a spur of the moment thing. Although, I was on the phone today to Business Growth Adviser and the process for a grant seems quite lenghty, so I am going to apply using the Start-Up Loans Company instead. I am submitting my BP this weekend :D

Not true. If it's something extremely specific, and no one's done it, then chances are the market simply isn't there. Like, say it was paper airplanes, and no one's done it. Sure, that's an untapped market..but it could just be that the number of people that would be interested in paper airplanes isn't enough to pay your bills.


Yes, it would be. There are many content creators that have worked at their channels for many, many years and have nowhere near 1 million subs. You seem to think it's just going to be an easy go, and that's really not the case at all.


How do you know how much adsense money they made? If you're basing it off of those sites online, pretty much every YouTuber has said that those numbers are drastically off. You also have to remember that the number seen in a lot of YouTube videos is actually twice what the YouTuber actually makes, as they get half of the adsense money. On top of that you have to factor in tax. Again, being first to market on YouTube means very little. It's all about quality of content, and personality. That's why you can have someone do the exact same content as someone else, and if they're more engaging, they're going to gain traction a hell of a lot quicker.


Yeah, but you don't need a lot of equipment. Those grants are for people that can't afford to start. You work. You can afford the $1,000 for the equipment required to start a YouTube channel, and don't even try and tell me it costs way more than that, because people have started extremely successful YouTube channels with nothing more than an iPhone. No offense to you, but I really hope they don't grant it to you; it's simply a misappropriation of funds meant to help those who truly need it.



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I usually veer towards ''regular people'' when I'm really serious about an opinion of a product. Preferably someone with a bad camera and mic. These people are more down to earth and will say it exactly how it is, there's not skin in the game.


I look for people who seem to have idea of what they are talking about though.


For general information and straight facts I go wherever really.

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On 1/5/2020 at 2:46 PM, Statik said:

I prefer someone with personality obviously, but don't waste my time with long intros, cut scenes, jokes, etc. Be personable, but still have brevity.

This. Also if you have a natural assertive personality just be yourself, because when it's too forced / too simulated, it can be annoying and some people run away from that, even report and block those kind of videos.

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