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Agent Crimson

Is it worth it to use an SFP(Not SFP+) Over cat 6

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I was deploying a small network for a friend with about 20-22 clients and 13 4mp IP cameras from Hikvision. My friend already had the networking gear he got a 24 Port Unmanaged Gigabit switch from Cisco and a 16 Port poe unmanaged gigabit switch from Hikvision and a separate NVR. Both the switches have a SFP port on them I was wondering if connecting both of them with SFP will give me any advantage over RJ45 the switches will require maximum 3 meter of cable to connect so this is not a large distance run which might have drops in bandwidth. 

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If you don't need the distance (fiber), the only other advantage I can think of would be not using a regular port. If you're not running out of ports, it shouldn't matter.




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So I agree with Eigenvektor, but wanted to add one extra note.  While not the most likely scenario depending on the manufacturer, using an SFP port as an extra RJ45 interface can add an additional point of failure (bad module).  As long as you get quality hardware, this probably is not going to be an issue.  It is always worth keeping in mind just in case you need to troubleshoot any kind of connection issue off of that interface. 

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No advantage to using an SFP, will just be a regular 1Gbps interface. If they were 10G SFP+ ports that would be a different story.

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Depends what you're doing, it will be synonymous in 99% of scenarios.  Usually you gain some small EMI/Lightning benefit by not bridging devices together via a conductable medium.  Also less chance for CRC and similar due to crappy or out-of-spec cabling, but otherwise it's all similar.


If it's in a conduit or something I'd say you could SMF for future upgradeability, but in this use case it's really no different or benefit for going with anything but the cheapest/easiest option.

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