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PC for CAD. (MagiCAD)

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So, I have a general contractor doing some work for me around the house who knows I work with computers. He is looking into the possibilty of getting into CAD, in particular MagiCad for Piping and sprinkler systems. There seems to be two versions of it, one is MagiCad for AutoCad and the other for something called Revit, not sure what that is.

Anyway, he's looking at getting a PC for this and I offered to look into this since I have leftover parts and can get deals for retail part and I could build  a powerful PC for less than retail and that would be in lieu of some payments for his work.

I am a little unsure of the system requirements or what is enough for a smooth experience. The little documentation he could give me only really mentioned GPU, either GeForce or a Quadro. 2070 for the absolute best performance but that is out of budget. One of the cards specified for regular use is the 1660, basically any card with 4gigs and more vram so I'm thinking any variant of the 1660 will be good enough.

So, here is how it's looking parts wise in my head:


CPU: 2700x with stock cooler [pre owned]

MB: Some B450 Atx [bought new]

RAM: 16 gig and around 3000Mhz [bought new]

GPU: GeForce 1660 [bought new]

PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W [pre owned]

SSD: Some Samsung or Crucial SSD

Case: Some Corsair ATX case from few years ago [pre owned]


What do you guys think? Should I go for something more powerful for someone who uses this fairly intermittently.

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