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Books to get started in Unity?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

does anyone know about any books (preferably on kindle) that can help me get started learning how to use unity, and how to script in unity using C#?


preferably books that are friendly to people who are new to programming and game development. i pretty much have a decent understanding of most C# basics.

Thanks in advance.

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I recommend just following their tutorials.


The programming in them is very basic and it actually turns out you don't need a lot programming experience to do what you try to do; Unity has a lot of other stuff in it to make programming very irrelevant most of the time.

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I know it's not a book, but this is the first collection of tutorials that I found actually useful when trying to learn unity: https://catlikecoding.com/unity/tutorials/


It mostly focuses on the programming aspects of Unity, rather than the actual game creation or art creation aspect of games. The early tutorials move fast enough to be challenging, but slowly enough that someone with only minimal experience programming and no experience in Unity can keep up. The later tutorials can get quite advanced.

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