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Satish Suthar

Conflicted to choose a fitting monitor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello folks,


I write this in desperation right now as I need a monitor and I held on for months till LG's 27GL850 were introduced to Indian market but there's no talk of any of them being available.

Then recently came BenQ EX2780Q and even that isn't yet available here and I don't know if it will be for foreseeable future.

The reason I want some help here is because my current Dell 1080p IPS monitor I got from 2014 has some panel issues, it flickers randomly [though rarely] and has a permanent green vertical line to the left side.

Therefore, it may die someday soon or even if it doesn't, I feel like I do need an upgrade as I upgraded to 1080Ti earlier this year.


Now my usage is : some competitive gaming such as R6 Siege/Destiny 2 at the moment with all kinds of games that interest me, indie or AAA ones.

I like IPS and I don't wanna go to a TN panel, not because I love the IPS, but also because of my second main usage:

3D Modeling, I am an aspiring 3D artist, I try to sculpt/create characters so I use ZBrush/Maya/Substance etc for my studies.


Right now, the only option I could see that's available to me is an Acer XB271HU [45,000 Rs = approx 600$ USD] in the market that's both IPS and 144Hz to meet my needs here where I think I could both game and work on my 3D art.

However, I really wanna know people's suggestion from here if available, the websites I use to get PC components are - amazon.in, theitdepot.com, primeabgb.com, mdcomputers.in, vedantcomputers.com

I've considered Acer Nitro XV272U a while back when I first asked for an advice through the forum but found out that it's a downscaled 4k panel or something from one of the reviews that says it's not as good as a native 1440p monitor so that turned me off from getting it.


I've also looked at BenQ PD2700Q and BenQ SW2700PT, kinda entertained the idea of me buying one of these, trying to convince myself that maybe it's the right choice to again stick with 60Hz for focusing more on work but I also can't get the idea of a higher refresh rate out of my head especially when there's IPS monitors available out there with 144Hz these days.



On a budget of around 45,000 Rs/600$ USD

Study 3D Character Modeling + Moderate amount of gaming

1. Want a 1440p IPS monitor with 144Hz refresh rate but only have Acer XB271HU available in market as far as I've looked [is it a good option?]

2. If I must, I'm willing to go lower with refresh rate if that's really what I should aim for as an artist first than a competitive gamer or the other way around, maybe someone in the industry of 3D Character design would argue I wouldn't need that much color accuracy unless it's a color grading work for Pixar or something [someone said that to me once]


Please help me out here, I'm really lost and confused that it's eating me up inside.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, techwiz1929 said:



the acer has decent reviews. For your needs if its the only option in your area and importing isnt and option then it should be good. Just get it froma place with a good return policy

Hey man, I managed to contact one of the folks here and they availed BenQ's EX2780Q for me, which is grand so I've ordered that just today!

Now it's a waiting game.

Might I ask, since the monitor has DP 1.4 port, am I okay with using a 1.2 cable?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, techwiz1929 said:

DP 1.2 can do 144hz 1440p just fine

I'm imagining that's an okay fit considering 10bit stuff [8+FRC] and HDRi etc then. Because I ordered a separate one with the monitor since I don't think you get one inside the box. And i realized after ordering that it was 1.2

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