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Error when trying to install Qubes OS

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I was installing cube os on an HDD with windows, using a USB with a cubeos installer Qubes-R4.0.1-x86_64.iso from qubes-os.org.


I also checked with the sha256 supplied from the same website.

I always got these errors, even after I formatted the hdds with a windows boot usb or created new partitions.

Secure boot was turned off on the mobo.


any pointers on where I might be able to get a solution?

I succesfully installed lubuntu. so if lubntu was able to do it, so should qube-os.



CPU: Ryzen 2600 GPU: RX 56 Vega RAM: ddr4 3000Mhz 2x8GB  MOBO: MSI B450-A PRO Display: 4K 60hz 34-60 freesync 10bit IPS.

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