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Just a question dunno where to ask it but here

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Posted · Original PosterOP

if i was to plug in from two ethernet ports in the back of my pc to the same router plugged into seperate ports, would i be able to say download torrents games from steam etc through one connection and stream through another? i get 20mbps d/l on speedtest but obviously a lot less on anything else but it drops more if im streaming (obviously) so would this fix the problem ? just wondering like i said, thanks 

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It wouldn't fix your specific problem.

Let's first imagine connecting 2 ethernet wires to your PC worked like you propose in general. You are still limited by the connection you get from outside your home, so it would just split the speed, kind of like this:



So you won't get double the speed, just the same speed split over two wires.

Secondly, it doesn't really work like that either, because then you would need to set up 2 network 'identities' on your PC, which is much more of a hassle then just connecting to wires to it.

10 minutes ago, crizzy0213 said:

i get 20mbps d/l on speedtest but obviously a lot less on anything else 

Be sure to compare Mb and MB correctly.

Speedtest.net reports speeds in Mb, which stands for Megabit. Many downloading programs, including Steam report speeds in MB, which stands for Megabyte.
1 byte consists of 8 bits, so 1MB = 8Mb, or in your case it's 20Mb = 2.5MB. So that is probably (around) what Steam is downloading at (and torrents probably too, not sure if torrent programs show MB or Mb).


The only things you could do are:

- Get a faster subscription (if possible)

- Download stuff at night/off hours

- Change QOS settings in your router to prioritize certain stuff over downloading

I apologize for the way I am. If my post seemed rude, that was not my intention. Just my ineptness in forming a nice coherent message.

"Why do we suffer a lifetime for a moment of happiness?" - Anonymous

"FuryBSD, name of your sex tape" - Alex Clark

"How long do I have to keep going on? Someone end it already"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

yeah networking is far from my strong point, i got that the speed would split i meant could i control what uses what part of the split but yeah that would make sense around 2.4 is what i get on steam and torrenting, thanks for the decent reply man that has learned me much 

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