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6 minutes ago, Bullzy said:

Hey everyone,


Merry christmas, I am looking to build a pc for £620. Everything is going to be new apart from the GPU, which I will get for £200. Can you guy see any possible alternatives/improvements which I could make.


Cheers Ryan ;D



Both the PSU & Board are... Lets say, not the best (garbage) but given the limited budget theres not much you can really change. TBF that board with the CPU you chose will probably be fine. You won't need the thermal paste, the CPU will come with a cooler and pre applied TIM.

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Id say that board is perfectly fine, but I would maybe downgrade the ram to vengeance if you have to to free up a little more money for a better power supply, see if you can get into an RX version maybe from corsair? Otherwise thats a good looking set up

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 a little over your initial build but better CPU and PSU (the TXM has a 7 year warranty and is 80+ Gold) the GPU you listed is up to 224 now. and the 75Mhz extra on the boost clock I honestly doubt will make up any significant difference in performance.

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