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Predator XB271HU or BenQ EX2780Q

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Hello, cant decide between these two screens Predator XB271HU or BenQ EX2780Q for the same price. Both are IPS 1440p/144hz (one is gsync other is freesync) What do you think is better choice ? My gpu is: GTX 1080ti. I was also considering LG 27GL850 but its sold out till the end of january in my country.

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If you want the LG get the 27GL83A, Its basically has the same panel minus some features. I would check rtings on their review of it since they did in depth testing on it

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I'd definitely go with the BenQ when compared to the Predator XB271HU, it was my top choice but it wasn't available so I considered Acer then suddenly one of the retailers I emailed, just emailed me back today saying the BenQ was available and I instantly ordered it.

There's lack of genuine reviews out there but I do believe it's a better monitor compared to the old Acer competitions like Nitro or XB1

I'd go with LG if it was in stock but since it's not and it won't be for foreseeable future, I'm happy with the BenQ just as much.

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