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Agent Crimson

Laptop for University

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I am a Freshman studying computer science and AI minors. I plan to take AI as my subject for Post Grad.... I need a very nice laptop. I have no budget limitation. But the first thing I am stuck on is Apple or Windows I have been using windows for a long time and i have a pretty nice desktop too. If I go for Windows what would be your suggestion for a laptop with i7, Rtx 2060, 1 Tb SSD, high refresh rate screen and premium build quality, post sales service is also a consideration. And or if i should skip Windows for a laptop and get on the Apple Train?


My Considerations for Laptops:- 

Razer Blade 15 (It has pathetic service, only 512GB SSD and the base model does not come with the best display but has amazing everything else):-    2100$ (With Razer Care)


Dell Alienware M15 (It has pathetic cooling but everything else is unmatched) :-   1950$ (240HZ & No extras)


MSI GS65 (Worst Build Quality out of the bunch single channel memory with no user upgradability):-   2300$ (240HZ & No extras)        


Asus Zepherus S GX502 (It performs best in all categories but the looks are a little unprofessional and people have mixed opinions on its service and only 512GB):-  1850$ (240HZ & No extras)


Apple MacBook Pro 16" (Well it is Apple, it has the best battery hands down and the only down side to a mac is inability to game also dongles for days) :-    2600/2800$(Depending on GFX)

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