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Ryzen 5 2600 temps

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I've bought a new pc with Ryzen 5 2600. I was wondering is 50-60°c normal on idle? I run stock amd stealth cooler. I have antec dp301m case if that has an impact on airflow?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
10 minutes ago, G H O S T said:

Pretty much bro is the fan ramping up because if it isn't it's fine 

Fan is ramping up, it is fine. I tested it in the load on 100% temps are at 80max


Also, when fan kicks in on 50%+ power ir is humming is it fine? It's my fitst desktop so it's a bit loud for me.

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I would try re seating the cooler 🤔 some times helps like taking it off and putting it back on some times helps don't forget to tighten the screw in a X as well helps me good luck 

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Maybe give it a reseating try. Otherwise the overall airflow in your system is also very important especially under low load circumstances where the fans are kinda chilling. 
But the stock cooler is not really the best. I had 50°C idle too and with Cinebench even reached 94°C ( PBO enabled ). 
Since i wanted to overclock i chose to go with an aftermarket cooler right away. 

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I have a 2600 not OC, cooled by a Corsair H60. In Corsair Link, it says 86 degrees (While Corsair iCue shows a green color: around 20-40 degrees).


I've connected the H60 Fan on the board as well as the pump in SATA+CPU Fan on board, as described in their installation sheets. I also have 2 fans sucking the air in the case (InWin 303) and 3 other fans pushing the air out. 


Also, GTX 1050Ti shows 57 degrees (2 fans).

Any idea what I can do to lower the CPU temp?

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