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Sup Techies,

So, I’m starting my first PC build, and I need some advice before going forward. For context reasons, my pc will be heavily used for 3D modeling, rendering, sculpting, as well as animations. I’m talking blender, 3dsmax, zbrush, unity, photoshop, etc. No email checking, or streaming, or 4K editing or anything of the sort. The only gaming I’ll be doing is testing my own, so I guess FPS is important in that respect.


Anyway, I’m trying to match the best (and most cost-friendly) CPU with my chosen GPU, a Quadro RTX 4000. I was told by a professional that the i9-9900k was one of the best and latest to do what I need it to, but of course he’d suggest something so high in price. Ive done a little more research, though, and in addition to being very pricey, I hear it’s really not worth it. I’m not as advanced in the tech field as some of you guys, so I’m not sure if that’s true for what I need it for. I checked the i9 CPU against my chosen RTX 4000 GPU and I’m actually getting results that the combination would result in bottlenecking. I know bottleneck calculators are a bit arbitrary to some, but I don’t have much to go on. The benchmarks seem fine to my noob eyes.


I was also considering the Core i7-8700K. Running that through a bottleneck calculator yields much better results, and is a little easier on the wallet, but again, I’m not sure. To be honest, I’m not even sure that the GPU I’ve picked is a good choice for what I need it for, nor that my two top CPU options are relevant to my work. A threadripper could be my best option for all I know. I am working my way through this build research by research and every response or piece of information helps.


Thanks guys for all your help and advice in advance,







Here is my complete pc part list for ref and specs: 


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Here is what I'll say, do your homework and learn about the programs you are going to use. Determine how the programs utilize hardware to complete tasks. Based off of my knowledge, usually CPU heavy tasks loves cores, but that boils down to budget and whats more important for your needs.

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24 minutes ago, ForeverAutumn said:

I was told by a professional

I had to laugh at that, because that is pretty meaningless.


24 minutes ago, ForeverAutumn said:

 I hear it’s really not worth it.

you heard right



for $2650 I am sure you can find something really amazing with Ryzen build.




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I think you need to do more research. The components look kind of mismatch and possibly outdated. I would recommend a M.2 NVMe drive and DDR4-3200MHz or faster RAM if spending that much. Threadrippers seems like it would be too overkill. Have a look at the Ryzen 9 3900x and 9 3950x. I don't know if the Ryzen  would be faster for editing models/animation in viewport compared to i9-9900k, but having more cores/threads really speeds up the rendering times. 


I don't know enough about Quadro cards, but it's probably for more serious work station and if you were getting paid for your computer work I would get one. I haven't used Zbrush in a few years, but I don't remember it making use of Quadro Cards.


You could also scale down the rendering performance and go with a lower price build if you are not sure and getting paid for this type of work.

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