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Sean W.

Need work laptop suggestions

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey Everyone, 

I just got an offer letter for a new sales job in the media and entertainment industry here in Los Angles, my official title is West Coast Regional Sales Manager and with a new job, comes a new work laptop.


My previous laptop was a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, which I liked a lot, and with the 3 version out, it is one I am keeping in mind. 

Models I currently have my eye on:

- Surface laptop 3 13 & 15

- XPS 13 and 15

- A couple from Razer with a Dbrand skin to mute the "coolness" that would be out of place in a boardroom meeting


Couple considerations:

- 13-15.6" screen, preferably a matte screen, I will be using this a lot outside.

- Windows, not Mac 

- $2000 budget

- Dedicated laptop, not a 2 in 1 / tablet

-This needs to be a laptop that I can bring out in a meeting with Vice Presidents in fortune 100 companies, so pretty much anything "GAMING EXTREMEMEEEEXZXX!!!!@" is a no go, it needs to look professional. 

-Needs to be thin and light, I will be traveling a lot all over the west coast and need something that isn't going to double the weight of my backpack. 

-Needs great battery life, Not needing to be tethered to an outlet for an entire day is an extremely freeing feature for an outside sales role. Being able to post up anywhere for the day to do work without worrying if there's power is important.

-*NO* 10 key, I don't like laptops with the number pad, it shifts the whole keyboard off to the left, just personal preference   

- Nice backlit keyboard with a great typing experience

-  Nice to have is a dedicated graphics card for some light gaming waiting for a flight 




$2000 budget


13-15.6" screen, prefer a matte screen

Professional looking, no gaming laptops

Thin and light

great battery life

Dedicated GPU is a nice to have, but not mandatory 


backlit keys


Windows, not Mac


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I'd stick with the XPS 15

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