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What switches you should get is up to you, as everyone has a different preference. I would suggest you try out the different switches in person, in a store for example.

As for the HyperX vs. Coolermaster, I would personally take the Coolermaster. I have used the CK550 inthe past (which is like the CK530, but with a numpad) and was quite happy with it. Gateron vs. Cherry MX is a similar deal to me personally.


People like to make fun of RGB, but I find it a convenient feature, since I can color each key to whatever I want.

"those times will never come back :("

"I wish I could find a way to end the pain, other than the way I keep thinking of"

"Roses are dead - Violets too - Outside i'm smiling - Inside i'm dying"

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Both are very decent for the money, I would get hyper X, mostly of the aesthetics though, both are good. Switches are personal and you should try some keyboards with different switches, for gaming I wouldn't get cherry mx blues, other than that you should try first. Out of cherry variety I prefer reds.

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