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Agent Crimson

Canbium Networks Access Points

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# This is not an Ad 


I was recently upgrading my home networking setup and was planning to install Ubiquiti's Unifi line of products but upon seeing after sales reviews I decided to look for some other ones. One company I never heard of before stood out Canbium a child company of Motorola made networking devices at first i was skeptical but i decided to bite the bullet and go for Canbium's E600 Access Points. The major advantage with Canbium Networks is their 5 year warranty and option to control the whole network without the need to put a controller this was achieved by their cloud controller software CnMaestro this could also be installed on a local machine if you need hundreds of access points or if you really wanted to have the full lineup of products you can buy their controller too. Canbium upon direct comparison has higher throughput, more features than Ubiquiti's offerings and all that while being cheaper the E400 Access Point is cheaper than Ubiquiti's NanoHD while being better and not needing a separate controller to have all the features. Canbium can be more fairly compared to Cisco and Ruckus due to its feature set while being smaller and cheaper. I highly recommend everyone to try Canbium networks for their enterprise and home installations a neat feature which one might not see is one touch provisioning in CnMaestro which allows the Admin to just scan the Serial Number on the box and without opening the package their devices could be setup through CnMaestro allowing for off-site setup and management easier. I have used 2 Canbium E600 comparable price to Ubiquiti's Unify HD access point in my 3000 sqft house with all metal reinforced brick walls and having each access point in the center on each floor covers the full house with a loss of maximum 20% of original speed in worst conditions. And the 4x4 MU-MIMO, power of 30db of both radios in aloowed regions with features like beam forming really tips the deal in favor for Canbium. I highly recommend it.

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On 12/9/2019 at 6:42 AM, Agent Crimson said:

I am not sure I get you. Can you elaborate please 

Probably means extend someone else's network with your access point, and use said extended network for your access? 

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1 hour ago, FIXXX said:

Probably means extend someone else's network with your access point, and use said extended network for your access? 

And I think it may have been a mispost to start with.  I don’t see how my question would have been remotely relevant in this case.

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