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Why can't Linus to a traditional Scrapyard Wars?

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I liked this one but they really needed to shoutcast the matches for better viewing

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Posted · Original PosterOP
5 hours ago, 2Buck said:

Honestly I've been thinking this for awhile now. Not saying I haven't enjoyed all of the SYW seasons, because I have, but I liked the first season the most by a good bit. Doing that over and over would get stagnant quick if they stayed in their area, but maybe it'd be cool if they did the original format but changed up the area/prices.

Forgot to mention that I did really enjoy them traveling to new areas. It had further effect on the pricing. It also doesn't have to be $300.


To me, as long as they update the games used for benchmarks regularly (so that the requirements change) and the market changes (whether that's due to things like the cryptocraze, memory shortages, new hardware launches, or something else), I'd continue to find the original formula enjoyable. Arbitrary rules like "no Internet" or "watercooled only" don't need to be added.

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