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Any non-Samsung and non-Apple tablets?

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I'm considering getting a tablet for my wife on christmas. Few things:

  1. She's all Android (can't stand Appstore apps and Apple in general).
  2. She also can't stand Samsung (as they're too much marketing and their interface sucks) 

There's Huawei M series ofc (if anyone's tried it - let me know please), but it seems a bit sketchy. FireHD is custom to Amazon so not good either. 

To clarify - she's a poweruser, so something with stock/close to stock Android and decent hardware (screen, ram, cpu, plenty memory) would do. I don't intend to go light on the pocket. Just finding myself in absence of options. 

Any (2019) tablets that I could potentially look into? 




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I have and use a Huawei Mediapad M5 8" practically daily. It's decent for general use but its showing its age when it comes to gaming. As it is getting on for 2 years since launch I'm not sure how much longer it'll get updates for. If performance matters at all, unfortunately it seems like the only other player is Samsung.


Believe they have released a newer model but with the war the US has declared on them, it is practically not an option outside China.

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1 hour ago, BernieTheBear said:


There are no 'good' 2019 tablets that come with stock or stock-ish Android.


The Mediapad M6 comes with their EMUI based on Pie and you will be stuck with it. It does have the Google services and Play Store. Your only way of getting something 'good' with stockish Android, would be to buy a Samsung Tab or Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 and flash a custom rom.

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