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Budget 1080p Build for TV with 4k ability

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Hey Guys!


Greetings from Germany my Friends!


Beeing around for quite some years with LTT (not in the forum),
I came to the point with a close friend of mine, that he said just said,

Build me up a f***n Sytem, that i can use to, watch streams in a browser in 1080p on linux mint!

And i'm 100% with him, and i understand his disappointment!
Cause we upgraded his linux mint version recently from 16.04 to 19.10,

and videos in google chrome are now not that smooth anymore.

He does know any shit about computers or Single Board Cumputers and so on,

and .
He uses a 1080p TV as his "Monitor" powered by a old Laptop and  it will be a TV in the future too.


So he does not get the point, that prices of cumpupter components and their prices,
or rhat the components themselves can cange dynamicly.

He just want to have a box that serves him sweet smoothly 1080p streaming content... in a browser.....

Never seeeing a Build with this kind of specification before,

Especially for linux mint. 
its very dificulty to me,
I've never benchmarking PCs on their Browser Performance...
So thats an unexpected Problem to solve  for me right now.
I just don't know in wich direction to go right now.

Single Board computer or PC?

And how about, when he descides to upgrades his TV to 4k TV?

Edited by hardie
Just as usual, i found some errors to fix...

You don't know what CANopen is ?
I do fancy Things with CANopen!

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