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My gmail account was hacked. Google couldn't verify it was mine, What do I do?

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP
Apparently google couldn't verify it was mine, but it for sure is mine, on its youtube channel, <content removed>, is my face in videos and I can verify I match with the account, and I need it back as soon as possible, all my payment info is on there and stuff. If there are any hackers out there or something or even a google employee, contact me on discord or gmail, <content removed> is my gmail you can contact me at, <content removed> is my discord. The hacked gmail is <content removed>
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<content removed>
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This is a terrible place to post all of that information. Second you will need to work with Gmail support. If you do not remember the information needed to recover it or did not set a recover email/phone number then you are pretty much SOL. Which means they have basically access to anything and everything that uses that email account. So you need to start changing all of the information (password and email) on all the services that use it. You will also need to contact your bank/cc providers and have them re-issue cards and account numbers.


This is why email security is so important.


https://haveibeenpwned.com/  doesn't show that email involved in any breaches or in any pastes. That being said you probably didn't use a strong enough password so a dictionary/brute force attempt popped it pretty quickly.

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@FishyGaming_YT I have redacted the personal information from your post... it is not that it not allowed but we strongly advise against posting such information publicly, if you deem to share such info in a PM to specific members willing to help, which is a much more secure way to give this info out. These posts can still be viewed by those that are not members.


1 hour ago, FishyGaming_YT said:

my password was 23 characters lol

23 characters can still be cracked if they are all the same such as all lower case letters. Not saying you did this of course.

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On 12/7/2019 at 1:54 PM, FishyGaming_YT said:

If there are any hackers out there contact me on discord

Because real hackers use unsafe platforms to offer their services and not fully encrypted messaging programs.

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