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The least restrictive 240x120mm magnetic dust covers?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a ThermalTake H18 TG with sealed off PSU shroud, and with M-ATX mobo the GPU ends up very near buttom of said shield, restricting airflow, im happy to cut a section out of it with a dremel to ease airflow. Front of case has 3x 120mm case fans and bottom one currently just blows air into bottom PSU shroud pointlessly, so im hoping to help GPU by opening up some of that real-estate. if i do buy a proprietary cover for it, im interested in knowing which are the least restrictive, i only want it to cover the hole i'd be making by drilling it out, so internals of case doesn't look too stupid. 

I could care less about dust, i just don't want case to look too hack-sawed any adding a 240x120mm magnetic cover to dremel'd out area would be easiest way to increase airflow for GPU

example of problem to solve for

Example of type of magnetic covers, ideally with least restriction possible, i am looking for.  I could give a butt less about dust filtering, i clean case fairly regularly. 


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40 minutes ago, Otto_iii said:

I could give a butt less about dust filtering, i clean case fairly regularly. 

Then don't get a filter. Filters are either restrictive to a degree or useless. Since you clean your system regularly, the filter would be pointless. After the first layer of dust, the air is just going to choose the path of least resistance and thus render the purchase pointless.

Be patient.

Just because a new product has come out, it doesn't mean that your thing is suddenly performing worse than it was when you bought it.

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44 minutes ago, Otto_iii said:

example of problem to solve for

Oh wow. That's actually an image used on the Thermaltake website for marketing that case.
Why would they not choose a better motherboard which have the PCIe x16 slot in the correct place? That looks absolutely awful with the GPU up against the PSU shroud, made even worse by the GPU sag.

What motherboard and graphics card do you have? Do you have a picture of your setup so I can get a better idea of what you have to work with?
Even if you remove the PSU shroud the graphics card may stilll be mostly blocked by the PSU itself if it is as bad as it is in the example picture.

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Personally I always recommend Silverstone Dust filters as they're ultra fine so they let good amount of air through but still catch dust. 


If you have a motherboard with the second slot being the PCI-E slot and your card is a dual slot, you shouldnt have too may issues with temperatures so long as you're not using a Vega 64 or a 2080 + level card. The RX 580 I used in the below build never got above 72ºC in a Unigine heaven loop. If you've got a 2.5" card or your motherboard is Wonky like the one they used in that photo, then the mod might be helpful to help keep the card cooler.



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