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Can't Change Memory Speed! Ryzen Master broke it!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Let me start this off with what led up to this issue:

I wanted to overclock my CPU but know nothing about overclocking, so I used the Ryzen Master software to do it and while I was I noticed my memory clock was set to 1067 and the Fabric clock was set at 1200, so naturally I changed that to 1600 and 1600. Computer has to restart to apply the settings...black screen. So I turn off the computer and turn it back on, the system cycles a few times before I get a post and then it goes into the OS. I open up task manager to check my RAM frequency since I had a hunch my BIOS had been reset, and it was down at 2133mhz. :/ So I restart the computer and get into the BIOS and enable XMP as I have before and goes to save and exit, when I do so the system cycles again and posts again (BIOS reset again as well)...sure enough, get into the OS and my RAM is at 2133Mhz. :/ Frustrated now, I uninstall Ryzen Master and do the process again...same problem.

Help me.

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