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HDR screen weird colors

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi All.. First tread on this forum. Long time viewer of linus tho..


Just got my "new" LG 38WK95c monitor and was looking forward to finaly got HDR screen. But when i turn on HDR in windows i get a really doll picture and really what not what i expected


The colors are way more vivid without HDR enabled.. Of cause i tried diffrent settings but no luck.. Also installed drivers and so on


Any tips?


I attach 2 pictures taking with my phone..





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Most images and GUI elements are designed with "SDR" in mind. When Windows switches to HDR, it changes the so-called color space from sRGB to something that covers a wider area. Windows doesn't try to map "SDR" elements to "HDR" directly, because it may lead to undesirable effects like blasting your eyes with a super bright image.




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5 hours ago, Thomas.dk said:

So there's no features that can enable HDR when playing a game and then disable it again when on desktop?

You would think they would have this but no. If your game has an option to enable HDR you don’t need to enable it in windows, just the game. When the game is closed you will go back to SDR. 

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